NFT Radar: Molly Moon’s

Oh Molly Moon’s. How thankful I am that I have to walk almost 2 miles to your doorstep. Otherwise I would surely be as large as the cows from whence their 16 delectable flavors come. Sure, they have the classic Neopolitan trinity. But how could you even THINK of ordering vanilla when you could have Scout Mint (as in the coveted seasonal cookies), Honey Lavender or Mandarin Chocolate Sorbet. There’s nothing better than the one-two taste punch of sweet and salty. And you can satisfy that craving with the Balsamic Strawberry (featuring large stripes of that delicious dark nectar), the Maple Walnut or the more pointed Salted Caramel. If you’re after a caffeinated kick to your sugar rush, you might go for the Thai Iced Tea or the Vivace Coffee which is freckled with ground-up coffee beans. Of course you can sample any flavor before committing to a giant scoop in your fresh waffle cone. This is useful for anyone skeptical of a cardamom-based desert (though even that is pretty good). Much to the chagrin of my pants, one can also buy their favorite flavor by the pint or quart. On a hot Seattle day, you’ll find a line out the door. But I promise it’s well worth the wait.

molly moons
1622 N 45th St 98103

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