My Dream Last Night

Let me tell you it…

I was in my childhood home in Virginia, as I often am in dreams. I was upstairs with Balthazar Getty and two blond women, one of whom might have been Nicole Eggert. He was assaulting them. He had a gun. I tried to stop him. Somehow, I managed to get the gun away from him, but I couldn’t figure out how to fire it. I frantically fiddled with switches and buttons on the gun whilst pulling the trigger. He laughed and advanced. He was almost on top of me. But then I lucked into getting a shot off.

lost highwayIt hit him in the chest, on the left. He was so close to me that when he fell forward, he landed on me, knocking us both to the ground. I pried him off of me and stood up. But then he came to and started to lift himself up as well. I saw that I had only him him in the shoulder!

I still didn’t know how to work the gun. So I ran. I ran down the stairs and into the garage. I worried that automatic garage door would open too slowly and he would catch up to me. But I had no other choice. I was already in the garage. So as soon as it was open wide enough, I crawled under and ran up the steep driveway. A neighbor was across the street. I shouted to him, but he wasn’t the man I knew who lived there, and he either couldn’t hear me or was ignoring me. Balthazar was still behind me, getting closer. He was really angry. If he caught up to me I was dead.

Then I woke up.

Now, I imagine I had this dream due to work stress. Dreams in which someone/something is trying to kill me are not at all uncommon. Though they usually aren’t B-list actors. Also, I have been reading a lot about Balthazar traipsing about with Ho-hemian Sienna Miller when his wife’s baby is not even a year old. This makes me think of him as an asshole. But a murderer? Maybe I’ve seen Lost Highway one too many times.

Anyway, I open the comments to other interpretations.


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