Are You Faster Than the S.L.U.T.?

Of course you are! Prove it by racing the damned thing.

Faster Than the S.L.U.T. Guerilla (Run or Bike) Race or Ride

Thursday, July 24th
7:15pm START

Who can keep up with the S.L.U.T.?

A 2.6 mile race from Pacific Place Hub (start) to Fred Hutchinson (finish).
Or, join along the route at Whole Foods/ Westlake and Denny stop.

Why wouldn’t you beat the S.L.U.T.? And you’re going to DRESS LIKE a S.L.U.T. (interpret at your will). We want to see SLUTty!

$1.75 entrance fee (if you RIDE the S.L.U.T.)
Free if you RACE the S.L.U.T.

Make Seattle proud people!!
Spread the word, bring your friends.

After Party at HOOTERS on South Lake Union (Mmm… hot wings!)

I’ve never been a jogger due to my gimpy knees, but I bet I could even out-hobble it. And defeating the S.L.U.T. is definitely one of my life’s goals.

ride the slut