Klostermeme V

Chuck Klosterman IV is rife with meme fodder. The Klostermeme series will feature these questions, my answers, my speculations on how Klosterman would answer and an invitation to the reader to answer these questions in the comments! It will also challenge my recollection Roman numerals.

And so…

You work in an office, performing a job you find satisfying (and which compensates you adequately). The company that employs you is suddenly purchased by an eccentric millionaire who plans to immediately raise each person’s salary by 5% and extend an extra week of vacation to all full-time employees.

formal wearHowever, this new owner intends to enforce a somewhat radical dress code: every day, men will have to wear tuxedos, tails, and a top hat (during the summer months, male employees will be allowed to wear gray three-piece suits on “casual Fridays”). Women must exclusively work in formal wear, preferably ball gowns or prom dresses. Each employee will be given an annual $500 stipend to purchase necessary garments, but that money can only be spent on work-related clothing.

The new regime starts in three months.

Do you seek employment elsewhere?

My answer: Hell no. Granted it’s much more comfortable for a lady to be in formal wear in summer months but since I like to look pretty every day anyway, this would be no problem at all. It’s so difficult to get a job you like that pays you well. There is no way I would throw that away.

Klosterman Theory: Yes. Klosterman lives in New York. It gets pretty hot there in the summer.

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