Goodnight Moon(light)

Questions brought up by TV’s Moonlight whilst watching the series finale.

1. Why are vampires brought into an orgasmic state and vamp out when they drink blood from humans, but can drink blood from a glass like it’s a fine Cabernet?

2. Why are the human lady friends always so appalled by the fact that the vamps like to drink small amounts of blood from volunteers? a) That is SOOOOO much better than killing them and b) Vampires drinking blood from you is totally sexy. It’s like making out vamp style. Don’t even act like you’re not turned on by that, Beth.

3. How many times have sensitive vampires said the line “One thing about being a vampire is you’re always having to reinvent yourself.”

4. For that matter, how many times do they start a sentence with “One thing about being a vampire…?”

5. Why do vampires seem to blend in so well fashion-wise, are in fact HYPER fashionable, to the decade in which they are currently living? Aren’t they like really old people? Old people don’t advance WITH the trends. They shun them and praise the old ways. They are confounded by change. I liked that Angel could never figure out how to use a cell phone though.

6. Who wears their hair that this, REALLY?

7. Is wanky pop singer-songwriter balladeering really the appropriate soundtrack for a show about vampires?

trucalling8. Is the last scene of the series the biggest anti-climax in supernatural drama history or is there something lamer? Tru Calling, perhaps?


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  1. Hmm.. I never watched this show. However on my lunch break today I walked past the WB Studios and about 50 middle-aged women were screaming to bring back the show. Hmm, indeed.

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