Paid in Puke Podcast S8E6: Titanic

On Series 8, Episode 6 of Paid in Puke, we’re plumbing the depths of James Cameron’s 1997 hit disaster epic, Titanic, starring Kate WinsletFrances Fisher, and Kathy Bates. Joining us is Titanic super-fan, and one half of The Bechdel CastCaitlin Durante, who is always ready to talk about what makes Rose a feminist, how Fabrizio was robbed, what James Cameron got right, and why they never again want to hear someone say there was room on that door. 

On the Lunchtime Poll, we reveal the titanic disasters in our lives that yielded unexpectedly positive experiences. 

Show Notes: The podcast Caitlin mentions in the Lunchtime Poll is Sludge: An American Health Care Story. The Billy Zane interview referenced is from Vulture.

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Really Weird Stuff Podcast – Twin Peaks S2E18: On the Wings of Love

On episode 26 of Really Weird Stuff, we’re discussing Twin Peaks Season 2, Episode 18: “On the Wings of Love. This episode was written by Harley Peyton and Robert Engels and directed by Duwayne Dunham. This episode is best known for Gordon Cole’s (David Lynch) myriad quotable lines. 

Special guest Cristina Barr of Paid in Puke Podcast joins us to explore such mysteries as:

WHAT is in Jones’ ornate little bottle?

WHY is this episode named after a 1982 pop ballad? 

WHAT is the best cure for a hangover? 

PLUS: A deep dive into the portrayal of Annie Blackburn!

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Paid in Puke Podcast S8E5: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

In Series 8Episode 5 of Paid in Puke Podcast, we’re revisiting the 1997 hit comedy, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, starring Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow. It was directed by David Mirkin (Get a LifeHeartbreakers), and written by Robin Schiff, based on her play “The Ladies Room“. We discuss what doesn’t hold up (some problematic body image messages, casual cruelty as comedy) and what does (pretty much everything else)! 

Baxter’s 12-year-old, Lula, joins us to give her tween perspective on this sweet tale of enduring friendship, standing up to bullies, and being true to yourself.

On the Lunchtime Poll, we reveal the songs to which we’d choreograph a little dance.

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Paid in Puke Podcast S8E4: Jennifer’s Body

On Series 8, Episode 4 of Paid in Puke, we’re changing the narrative on Karyn Kusama’s 2009 horror comedy, Jennifer’s Body, written by Diablo Cody and starring Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox

This movie was criminally mis-marketed by male executives at the time, to teenage boys, when it’s actually a sapphic supernatural doomed high school romance. Even Cody might not have known just how Sapphic at this time…

15-year-old Logan joins us for an episode-long Keggers with Kids to discuss one of their very favorite movies, the dialogue (both clever and cringe), and the myriad Heathers parallels! 

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Paid in Puke Podcast S8 Special: RIP Angela Lansbury

Denise Rodriguez came on Paid in Puke to discuss “Desperately Seeking Susan” on the day that Angela Lansbury died. After we finished discussing the film, she enlightened us with encyclopedic knowledge of Lansbury’s career and, in particular, Murder She Wrote. It was too good to leave on the proverbial cutting room floor.  So please enjoy our little tribute to Dame Angela Lansbury.

October 16th, 1925 to October 11th, 2022. 

Paid in Puke Podcast S8E3: Desperately Seeking Susan

On Series 8Episode 3 of Paid in Puke, we have a blast discussing Susan Seidelman’s 1985 genre-bender, Desperately Seeking Susan, starring Rosanna ArquetteLaurie Metcalf, and friggin’ MADONNA, as well as a bevy of 1980s NYC character actors and hipsters. Baxter falls in love with Ann Magnuson from her 15 seconds of screen time alone. A movie this punk, ACAB, and sex positive is light on the Hot Probs. Apart from having to explain land lines and newspaper personal ads to younger viewers, this movie holds the hell up.

Special guest, Denise Rodriguez joins us to gush about this diamond in the rough and do a live deep dive into Seidelman’s criminally underrated career.

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Paid in Puke Podcast S8E2: Walking and Talking

On episode 2 of Paid in Puke Series 8, we’re sitting and talking (sorry/notsorry) about Nicole Holofcener’s 1996 debut feature, Walking and Talking, starring Katherine KeenerAnne Heche, and Allison Janney for two scenes. 

Full disclosure, this was the first episode we’d recorded after our long hiatus, so there are some recording hiccups. Some of us forget our own name and mispronounce the director’s surname. Fortunately, the animated series “The Great North” helps us out with the latter issue, as they recently dropped an episode centered around Holofcener’s most recent film, “Enough Said”

Join us to discuss Big Jeans (both the cat and the fashion trend), consequences for casual cruelty, and the nature of phones in the 90s. 

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Paid in Puke Podcast S8E1: Don’t Worry Darling

On our Series 8 opener, we’re Paid in Pugh’k! It’s a drama-o-rama, spoiler-filler Don’t Worry Darling Extravaganzah! If you’ve been living under a Hollywood-free rock, that’s Olivia Wilde’s genre hopper staring Florence PughGemma ChanKiki LayneKate Berlant, and Wilde herself. The script was heavily re-worked by Wilde’s Booksmart scribe, Katie Silberman

What IS DWD? Horror? Sci-Fi? A Thriller made by someone who doesn’t understand the genre? We find Hot Probs galore, but also gush over the lewks, Pugh’s star power, and Kate Berlant’s ability to find the funniest possible delivery in every line. 

If you want details, we have them, complete with a timeline and the scoop on the Kiki Layne cut. (RELEASE THE KIKI LAYNE CUT!)

Grab a cocktail, put off that housework, and pleasure yourself. 

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Paid in Puke S7E10: ACS Impeachment – The Wilderness

On Series 7 of Paid in Puke, we’re discussing every episode of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story mini-series, Impeachment, starring Beanie FeldsteinSarah PaulsonCobie SmuldersJudith LightMira SorvinoEdie FalcoAnnaleigh Ashford, and Character Actress Margot Martindale. Episode 10 is “The Wilderness”, written by show runner Sarah Burgess, and directed by Michael Uppendahl.

This series finale drives home all the themes from the season including the raw deal for sexual assault survivors and women who receive any sort of media attention. We also discuss the problematic nature of “redemption stories” told without the input of the victims, and the way society expects people to accept their trauma after they’re tired of hearing about it. 

We end it all with a fun Lunchtime Poll about which writer we would choose to tell our story. 

Paid in Puke returns fall 2022 with Series 8 and a return to our film format! 

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Paid in Puke S7E9: ACS Impeachment – The Grand Jury

On Series 7 of Paid in Puke, we’re discussing every episode of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story mini-series, Impeachment, starring Beanie FeldsteinSarah Paulson, and Annaleigh Ashford. Episode 9 is “The Grand Jury”, written by show runner Sarah Burgess, and directed by Rachel Morrison. It’s the penultimate episode in the series.

This is the best of the worst of times for Monica. She actually experiences a smidge of vindication when she tells her story to 22 sympathetic (and one incredulous) members of the Grand Jury. On the other hand, Linda is taken aback at how much people don’t like people who tape their friends. 

On the Lunchtime Poll, we talk about some famous people we would love to grill, Grand Jury-style. 

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