Paid in Puke Podcast 2023 Oscars Special

It’s the Paid in Puke 2023 Oscars Special! We were lucky enough to get Denise Rodriguez back to round out the panel. Between the 4 of us, we’ve seen almost everything (except The Whale, for reasons we GET. IN. TO.) We go full At the Movies, with wildly different opinions on MANY of the films. The hot takes are flying. But we all agree that the Everything Everywhere leads and Angela Bassett deserve Legacy awards and that Colin Farrell is a lovely man. 


Paid in Puke Podcast S8 Special: RIP Angela Lansbury

Denise Rodriguez came on Paid in Puke to discuss “Desperately Seeking Susan” on the day that Angela Lansbury died. After we finished discussing the film, she enlightened us with encyclopedic knowledge of Lansbury’s career and, in particular, Murder She Wrote. It was too good to leave on the proverbial cutting room floor.  So please enjoy our little tribute to Dame Angela Lansbury.

October 16th, 1925 to October 11th, 2022. 

Paid in Puke Podcast S8E3: Desperately Seeking Susan

On Series 8Episode 3 of Paid in Puke, we have a blast discussing Susan Seidelman’s 1985 genre-bender, Desperately Seeking Susan, starring Rosanna ArquetteLaurie Metcalf, and friggin’ MADONNA, as well as a bevy of 1980s NYC character actors and hipsters. Baxter falls in love with Ann Magnuson from her 15 seconds of screen time alone. A movie this punk, ACAB, and sex positive is light on the Hot Probs. Apart from having to explain land lines and newspaper personal ads to younger viewers, this movie holds the hell up.

Special guest, Denise Rodriguez joins us to gush about this diamond in the rough and do a live deep dive into Seidelman’s criminally underrated career.

Listen to the episode here!