Paid in Puke Podcast: S8E7 – Making Mr. Right

On series 8episode 7 of Paid in Puke, we’re thrilled to bring you this deep cut gem from 1987: “Making Mr. Right”Susan Seidelman’s retro-futurism genre bender stars the incomparable Ann Magnuson, as well as Glenne Headly, and Laurie Melcalf. We were lucky enough to snag Ann for an interview!

We discuss pop culture’s timeless obsession with A.I.. This movie presents so many themes that were later explored in more serious properties like “Her”“Ex Machina”, and “Westworld”. It also depicts a rare character in cinema (especially in 1987): a nuanced working woman who isn’t driven by her need to find and keep a man. The film is also stylish, hilarious, and truly unique!

Throughout our discussion, we include clips from our interview with Ann, who discusses working in Miami, bringing her prodigious London and NYC underground experience to a Hollywood rom com, and why the time is right for a film that celebrates good will and charm.

Listen to the entire interview in our bonus episode and buy the special edition blu-ray of Making Mr. Right – out now, including commentary from Seidelman and Magnuson!

Ann Magnuson on instragram

Ann Magnuson’s website/store (including SIGNED Making Mr. Right blu-rays)!

Clips from Ann’s incredible interpretation of David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” peppered throughout


Paid in Puke Podcast S8E3: Desperately Seeking Susan

On Series 8Episode 3 of Paid in Puke, we have a blast discussing Susan Seidelman’s 1985 genre-bender, Desperately Seeking Susan, starring Rosanna ArquetteLaurie Metcalf, and friggin’ MADONNA, as well as a bevy of 1980s NYC character actors and hipsters. Baxter falls in love with Ann Magnuson from her 15 seconds of screen time alone. A movie this punk, ACAB, and sex positive is light on the Hot Probs. Apart from having to explain land lines and newspaper personal ads to younger viewers, this movie holds the hell up.

Special guest, Denise Rodriguez joins us to gush about this diamond in the rough and do a live deep dive into Seidelman’s criminally underrated career.

Listen to the episode here!