Paid in Puke S7E10: ACS Impeachment – The Wilderness

On Series 7 of Paid in Puke, we’re discussing every episode of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story mini-series, Impeachment, starring Beanie FeldsteinSarah PaulsonCobie SmuldersJudith LightMira SorvinoEdie FalcoAnnaleigh Ashford, and Character Actress Margot Martindale. Episode 10 is “The Wilderness”, written by show runner Sarah Burgess, and directed by Michael Uppendahl.

This series finale drives home all the themes from the season including the raw deal for sexual assault survivors and women who receive any sort of media attention. We also discuss the problematic nature of “redemption stories” told without the input of the victims, and the way society expects people to accept their trauma after they’re tired of hearing about it. 

We end it all with a fun Lunchtime Poll about which writer we would choose to tell our story. 

Paid in Puke returns fall 2022 with Series 8 and a return to our film format! 

Paid in Puke is available on your favorite podcast app or download the episode here!


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