Paid in Puke S7E3: ACS Impeachment – Not to be Believed

On Series 7 of Paid in Puke, we’re discussing every episode of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story mini-series, Impeachment, starring Beanie FeldsteinSarah Paulson, and Annaleigh Ashford. Episode 3 is “Not to be Believed”, written by show runner Sarah Burgess and directed by Michael Uppendahl

Billy Eichner makes his first appearance as Internet journalism Founding Father, Matt Drudge. We remember when you weren’t permitted to site the world wide web in a research paper because it wasn’t considered credible enough. 

We also dive deeper in Linda and Monica’s toxic friendship and what happens when you listen to good advice given for nefarious reasons. 

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Paid in Puke S7E1: ACS Impeachment- Exiles

Paid in Puke is back with a very special season! We’re discussing every episode of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story mini-series: Impeachment, starring Beanie Feldstein and Sarah Paulson as well as a bevy of character actors portraying the big players in this monumental 90s scandal that blew up so many lives. 

The first episode, “Exiles”, introduces the audience to Monica and Linda, and gets them into position for the biggest bestie betrayal since Judas. It also brings up so many issues for us to explore, including power imbalances, bi-partisan sexual harassment double standards, shitty boyfriends, office dynamics, diet culture, body images, the immorality of the press, and how Washington D.C. is basically a more insidious and dishonest version of Hollywood.

We unwind with a fun Lunchtime Poll, wherein we reveal what other entertainment-adjacent debacle we’d like to see portrayed in a mini series or movie.

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