Paid in Puke S7E9: ACS Impeachment – The Grand Jury

On Series 7 of Paid in Puke, we’re discussing every episode of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story mini-series, Impeachment, starring Beanie FeldsteinSarah Paulson, and Annaleigh Ashford. Episode 9 is “The Grand Jury”, written by show runner Sarah Burgess, and directed by Rachel Morrison. It’s the penultimate episode in the series.

This is the best of the worst of times for Monica. She actually experiences a smidge of vindication when she tells her story to 22 sympathetic (and one incredulous) members of the Grand Jury. On the other hand, Linda is taken aback at how much people don’t like people who tape their friends. 

On the Lunchtime Poll, we talk about some famous people we would love to grill, Grand Jury-style. 

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