NFT Radar – Fainting Goat Gelato

Forget everything you know about gelato! It doesn’t have to be made by Italians (which came as a surprise to this half-Guido). It doesn’t have to be made from Cows milk. It doesn’t even have to be made from milk at all! The Fainting Goat throws all of your gelato preconceptions out the window. This Turkish family-owned business sits in the heart of Wallingford, giving that Molly Moon person a run for her money. (Plus, at least for now, the line at F.G. is MUCH shorter). So not all their gelato comes from a goat, just their titular flavor. But it’s a must-try. Maybe the goat is fainting because it can’t believe that something so delicious came from its own body. Those nice people also offer several dairy-free Sorbetto flavors. Finally, there really IS such a thing as vegan gelato. Don’t worry purists. They also do a mighty fine cow’s milk gelato in the usual coffee, chocolate, coconut and pistachio varieties, served with the familiar mini plastic gelato shovel. For funzies, they maintain a rotating menu of more adventurous flavors like Strawberry Shortcake, Kasaba Melon and Peanut Butter (duuuuuuuuude). As a bonus, their scoops are enormous. Goat get some. (Sorry.)

X-posted from Not For Tourists.

1903 N 45th St 98103


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