NFT Radar: Portage Bay Cafe

Maybe it’s because students aren’t known as early risers that there’s a disturbing lack of breakfast options in the U. District. Sure, you can get a coffee and pastry just about anywhere. But what happens when you want some damn French toast? Make it yourself? Fat chance. Fortunately, there’s Portage Bay Café. Their sweet breakfast menu includes several types of Challah French toast (double down on the protein) and hearty buckwheat pancakes. Every order includes a trip to the toppings bar where you can smother your organic goodness with fruit, nuts, whipped cream and syrup to your inner child’s heart’s content. If you’re after something a little more savory, they also offer 4 Benedicts and 6 Hashes. Some breakfast items are available all day but you can also move on to sandwiches and salads if you’re so inclined. Their organic offerings are a whose who of Seattle heavyweights including Essential Baking Company, Bseecher’s Flagship Cheese and Jones Soda. It’s never too early (or late) for a mimosa and theirs are fully customizable via their vast juice selection. If you prefer to steer clear of the UD, you can also visit their South Lake Union and Ballard locations. Toppings bar!

4130 Roosevelt Way NE 98105

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