Pretty/Scary Review: Lumina

Written, directed and produced by Jennifer Thym, Lumina is a nine-part web series set in a complex universe of rival realms that are secretly politicizing unbeknownst to the people of modern day Hong Kong. Lumina is a beautiful young girl who is inadvertently drawn into a world she doesn’t understand. Recently broken-hearted, she has immersed herself in work and become the star employee at some sort of think tank. It’s not until she meets the man in the mirror that she realizes just how lonely she’s been.

The man in the mirror is Ryder, who can see her in all reflective surfaces via a special mirror he has acquired in his world, the Dark Realm. Lumina knows very little about his world, and he isn’t eager to spill the goods. But she does know that he’s cute and seems to like her. This may sound like a terrible basis for a relationship but face it ladies, we’ve all done dumb things on the rebound. At least you can’t get a disease when there’s a pane of glass between you and your boyfriend…

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