Pretty/Scary Review: Spike

“Spike” starts, as horror films often do, with a car crash along a rural road at night. But this particular car crash is no accident. Two couples traveling to an unnamed destination are halted by what looks like a steam punk accessory. No one is seriously injured in the accident, but after the lone dude goes to check out the tire damage, an unseen assailant attacks him. The gothic spikes he found in the tire are now sticking out of his throat and he’s bleeding out fast. The three remaining girls go into panic mode and try to figure out how to save their friend and just what the hell is going on…

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Pretty/Scary Review: Consumption

Consumption is inspired by the true story, so says the opening credits. And I think I recall they story they are referring to. Craigslist is good for many things, not the least of which is experimentation. Sometimes that experiment involves finding out what it’s like to eat someone. And sometimes it involves finding someone who is willing to eat you…

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Pretty/Scary Review: Lumina

Written, directed and produced by Jennifer Thym, Lumina is a nine-part web series set in a complex universe of rival realms that are secretly politicizing unbeknownst to the people of modern day Hong Kong. Lumina is a beautiful young girl who is inadvertently drawn into a world she doesn’t understand. Recently broken-hearted, she has immersed herself in work and become the star employee at some sort of think tank. It’s not until she meets the man in the mirror that she realizes just how lonely she’s been.

The man in the mirror is Ryder, who can see her in all reflective surfaces via a special mirror he has acquired in his world, the Dark Realm. Lumina knows very little about his world, and he isn’t eager to spill the goods. But she does know that he’s cute and seems to like her. This may sound like a terrible basis for a relationship but face it ladies, we’ve all done dumb things on the rebound. At least you can’t get a disease when there’s a pane of glass between you and your boyfriend…

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Pretty Scary Review: Surviving Crooked Lake

A group of nature-loving girls who have been best summer camp friends forever decide to embark on one last canoe trip into the Canadian wilderness. Steph harbors a slight fear of water ever since she watched her father drown, so her older brother, Jonah, agrees to chaperon the excursion for moral support. Regrettably, as the title suggests, things don’t go quite as smoothly as they’d planned…

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Pretty/Scary Review: Nature’s Grave

Peter and Carla are a married couple on the outs. In a half-assed attempt to rekindle their relationship they decide to take a romantic camping trip to a secluded Australian beach. It’s pretty clear from the get-go that this will be an epic fail. All they do is bicker, bicker, bicker. They clearly need to get divorced as soon as humanly possible. But away they go with their dog, fancy new camping equipment and Peter’s gun. Actually, Carla is ready to turn back pretty early. But Peter isn’t having it. Neither rain nor near-accidents nor getting lost will keep him from finding this spot and having a good fucking time, goddamnit!…

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