NFT Radar: China Harbor

I’ve been obsessed with China Harbor ever since I first drove past its majestic black exterior many years ago. The whole thing smacked of Chinese Mafia. The waterfront location, lack of front-facing windows and the fact that the restaurant only takes up a quarter of the massive building, abetted my suspicions. I’m happy to report that China Harbor did not disappoint. We shared the otherwise empty dining room with an elderly couple on a Sunday evening and had a terrific time eavesdropping on the dance classes taking place in the adjacent banquet room. We buzzed on complimentary tea and speculated about the people who lived in the houseboats we could see from our table. The food was outstanding. The menu is fairly typical but every dish is cooked to delicious perfection. For dessert we couldn’t resist the “8 Treasures Rice Pudding”: a mound of sticky rice filled with red bean paste, topped with orange sauce and a bevy of dried fruits. The waitress tried to talk us out of it, saying it was for Chinese people. But we assured her we knew what we were getting into, and earned brownie points for happily scarfing it down. Best of all, we left with a bag full of leftovers and all of our thumbs in tact.

2040 Westlake Ave N 98109

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Dollhouse! It’s About To Get Interesting

I know who Alpha is. Or rather, the actor who will be portraying him. And I’m very very happy about it. If you also want to know click here. If you care enough to have read this far, I’m sure you recognize the man in that picture. Perhaps my dreams are prophetic.

The show has been getting a little better each week. Every episode, no matter how silly the mission, has still had one or two REALLY good moments. The allegedly mind-blowing first great episode is next week. It’s directed by Joss and Patton Oswalt guest stars. The promise of that episode plus the identity of the man behind Alpha equals me having a hard time not being positively giddy about this whole shebang.