NFT Radar: Mee Sum Pastry

Mee Sum Pastry is one of the only places worth braving Pike Place Market for even if it’s the height of tourist season. They make killer Hum Bow for under $3 each in BBQ Pork, Vegetarian, Chicken and Curry Beef flavors. Their fillings are sweet and savory and the buns are chewy and delightful. If you have a big appetite, add a Crab Rangoon or a couple of Sesame Balls to your order. Find a nice seat in the park and watch the Hobo Theatre while you munch. This is one of the most satisfying and cheap downtown lunches possible. Hum Buns are the cheeseburgers of China and you’ll want another one before you finish the last bite of the one you have. As a LOLCat might say, “Om nom nom nom.”

1526 Pike Pl 98101

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