BSG’s “Astonishing Revelations”

Today, starts their 10 part webisode series which will lead up to the final season of Battlestar Galactica. I was extremely pleased to learn that they revolve around one of my favorite characters, Gaeta. Well, they deliver those aforepromised “astonishing revelations” in spades. SPOILERS, ya’ll.

In the span of 20 seconds we learn no less than THREE astonishing things:

1) Because of his peg-leg ways, Gaeta has a bit of a “morpha” problem. (At least they didn’t call it “space heroin”.)

2) Gaeta is gay. (All the pretty ones are, honey.)

3) Gaeta has a boyfriend.

OMG! I love it. I’m really glad Gaeta has a b/f because he was definitely on the verge of losing his crackers. So hopefully this guy will provide a little moral support along with the painkillers.

AintItCool suggests that perhaps these webisodes are Gaeta-centric because of something I have LONG suspected (or at least hoped); That Gaeta is a skin job. If that’s the case, that makes all my favorite characters on that show skin jobs. And I guess I would officially be a frackin toaster lover. Mmmmm. Toast.


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  1. Gaeta is one of *my* favorite/most shaggable characters so it makes sense that he’s gay. That would make him all the more attracttive to me, a straight woman. Naturally. Sometimes I hate my taste. I was thrilled w/the development w/Hoshi when I wanted the webisode.

    I imagine they had no plans for his sexuality when they gave him the surname GAETA, though. Honestly! It’s like how Wiccan’s original name was Asgardian. No, that’s not immaturely funny at all.

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