Paid in Puke Podcast S8E2: Walking and Talking

On episode 2 of Paid in Puke Series 8, we’re sitting and talking (sorry/notsorry) about Nicole Holofcener’s 1996 debut feature, Walking and Talking, starring Katherine KeenerAnne Heche, and Allison Janney for two scenes. 

Full disclosure, this was the first episode we’d recorded after our long hiatus, so there are some recording hiccups. Some of us forget our own name and mispronounce the director’s surname. Fortunately, the animated series “The Great North” helps us out with the latter issue, as they recently dropped an episode centered around Holofcener’s most recent film, “Enough Said”

Join us to discuss Big Jeans (both the cat and the fashion trend), consequences for casual cruelty, and the nature of phones in the 90s. 

Listen to the episode here!


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