NFT Radar: Red Fin

What is it about Seattle’s posh art hotels always being adjacent to sushi restaurants? Not that I’m complaining. Hotel Max has Red Fin, a black and red art deco number which looks unaffordable but actually isn’t. They’re open early for breakfast and late for midnight snacks (and for drinking any time because life on the road gets lonely). But this isn’t mediocre, travel convenience food. This shit is good. The breakfast menu is standard with a bit of culinary flair. Come lunch time, the Asian fusion kicks in. In the Seattle tradition, the sushi menu features inventive rolls with a geographical naming convention. Tempura abounds if you like your rolls to crunch. Get in on the happy hour deals from 4-6 and 10-1am daily including $3 hot sakes and an incrementally priced small plate menu. Hickory smoked sea salt makes a world of difference for edamame. Don’t forsake the shiitake mushroom dumplings or the teriyaki chicken sandwich (with applewood smoked bacon, naturally). When you’re stuffed with Asian goodies, feast your eyes on a stroll through the Hotel Max lobby.

red fin
612 Stewart St 98101

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