Summer Paid a Visit

This past weekend in Seattle was absolutely gorgeous. B and I made a point to be outside every possible moment because, wouldn’t you know it, it’s raining again today. And will do so until Friday. But then we will presumably have another lovely weekend, just in time for out annual Memorial Day camping trip. Anyway, here’s how I spent my summer weekend.

Friday we planned on golfing at the Greenlake Pitch and Putt, but apparently, everyone else in town had the same idea. Since Friday was the nicest day of the year up to that point, I would wager that if you weren’t ditching work to be outside, that you were probably hospitalized, in a coma, or otherwise completely indisposed. Apparently, even doctors were ditching out on work, much to the inconvenience of their patients.

So seeing as how there was at least a 45 minute wait to tee off at Pitch and Putt, we elected instead to happy hour at Tacos Guaymas, sitting on their patio overlooking the lake. While we waited for friends, we couldn’t help but eaves drop on our neighbors, 4 pregnant ladies, 3 of whom already had babies. They were having loud, revealing conversations about their pregnancies. The entire time. I assume that this is pretty much their only topic of conversation. If I ever get to the point where I have nothing to say that isn’t about my pregnancy/baby please slap me. Hard.

After happy hour, we returned to our place for wine, cheese and croquet in the back yard. After the sun set, I made a fire in the fire pit. Later on, we played cards till the wee hours.

Saturday we woke up as early as we could muster so as not to waste a minute of sunshine. Without showering (a big deal for me), we strolled down to the U District Street Fair and partook of free samples like fresh Mighty O Donuts, caramel corn and the new line of bottled sweet teas by Guayaki. I am probably going to have to buy a case of those teas. They were absolutely delicious, not to mention ALL NATURAL! I’m so obsessed with Yerba Mate these days.

I also scored a free poster from the Scarecrow booth. Thanks, guys, for making my day! I will save it for decorating my dream office, should I ever get such a thing.

rainierAfter the fair, we pulled out the ‘Stang, top down, and drove it to the Brunswick’s. Unfortunately, the car was giving us trouble and kept dying. By the time we picked up the Brunswick’s and were on our way to the store, the car was definitely not going to make it to the park. We somehow managed to make it back to their parking lot and ALMOST into their parking space. A kindly man waiting for his friend in the alley helped us push the 2 tons of steel into the spot. We assumed (and hoped) we were just out of gas and would deal with it later.

kiteOnce in the Brunswick’s modern car, we were on our way to Seward Park! We found ourselves a nice spot of grass next to a short ledge by the water and set up a little picnic with a portable grill and hot dogs. The boys managed to get a kite airborne, and we tossed a frisbee around. Even though it was at least 80 degrees outside, the water was still too icy to swim in, but we dipped our feet from time to time and it was just lovely.

frozenmeatsAfter baking in the sun for several hours, B and I took care of the car which was, thankfully, just an out-of-gas situation. We were then able to take the ‘stang to Ballard to see the Frozen Meats play in a warehouse at a benefit for Uganda. They sounded great. It was probably the best show of theirs I’ve seen thus far, even though they performed on a tiny, narrow stage.

They sold jello shots (regular AND vegan). It turns out I don’t jello in any form, really. We also partook of the worst pizza I have EVER had. Stay far far away from Snoose Junction. The crust is (unsalted) cardboard and their sauce is basically red water. And so little of it on the pie!

Sunday involved outdoor chores and a wee bit of gardening followed by games in the back yard. The weather turned around 6pm. The sun disappeared, preparing us, I suppose for the predicted 4 days of rain this week. But I definitely feel like we made the most of the sunshine this weekend and I am still aglow from a much needed dose of Vitamin D. This sort of weather, and this sort of weekend, this is WHY I moved to Seattle. We get more than our fair share of crap and rain, but when everything lines up meteorologicaly, it’s hands down the most beautiful place in the country.


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