Capitalizing on Our Childhoods: Part 47

Variety has reported that the guy who made that animated movie about Little Red Riding Hood will be taking the reins on a live action version of Fraggle Rock.
What do you want to bet that Jack Black will be somehow involved? Perhaps as Junior, the Gorg Prince? Actually, when I think about potential casting for this film, all I can think of are Apatow alums.

Ooh! I smell a geeky hypothetical casting session coming on!!

Now, I’m not saying this cast would be good or bad. I’m just saying it’s plausible.

Gobo Fraggle: Shia Lebeouf. Sure the LeBeef isn’t an Apatow regular, but he’s got that sexy nerd with a taste for adventure thing going on.
gobo = shialebeouf

Red Fraggle: Monica Keena. Time to help out the career of another lady from Undeclared.
redfraggle = monicakeena

Wembley Fraggle: Jason Segel. Because he’s already comfortable with not wearing any pants.
wembley = jasonsegel

Mokey Fraggle: Kristin Wiig. Hollywood seems to think that she and Amy Poehler are the only two funny women alive right now.
mokeyfraggle = kristinwiig

Boober Fraggle: Jay Baruchel. He definitely has that worry wort thing down. Besides, it’s is turn.
booberfraggle = jaybaruchel

Traveling Matt: Seth Rogen. Because he’s got a gravelly voice and Rowlf the Dog isn’t in this Muppet adventure.
travelingmatt = sethrogen

The Gorgs!

Mama Gorg: Sigourney Weaver

Papa Gorg: Harold Ramis

Junior Gorg: Jack Black

Trash Heap: Queen Latifah. Because they need a large black woman who can also be nurturing.
trashheapfraggle = queenlatifah

Doc and Sprocket!
Doc: Dabney Coleman.
(Just cos it would make me happy.)
Sprocket: George Clooney.
docandsprocketfraggle = dabneycoleman +

And finally, Paul Rudd will surely make an appearance as a Dozer, because we HAVE to get him in there somewhere!


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  1. In other childhood raping news:

    Entertainment Weekly reports that Jonah Hill is in negotiations to executive produce a movie adaptation of 21 Jump Street.


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