Cited for Jaywalking: The Aftermath

So I've just returned from the courthouse to content extenuating circumstances regarding my bullshit jaywalking ticket. Officer Wilford Brimley was not in attendance. The nice lady seemed to understand my points but said that “the best [she] could do is reduce the ticket to $35”. She also said that it wouldn't go on my license or anything so that's a plus, I suppose. When I told her that I've actually seen people jaywalk in FRONT of marked police cars and they haven't done anything, thus leading to my conclusion that I was singled out, she said that “it's up to the discretion of the officer whether or not they write tickets for this infraction”. In other words, Officer Brimley is a deeeeeick.

To add insult to the injury of my even being there, as I was waiting patiently at a stop light to cross the street away from the courthouse to head back to the office, a man with a limp (meaning, he couldn't run or even hurry) jaywalked across the street right in front of oncoming traffic.



(Thanks, Mark.)

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