NFT Radar: The Knarr

X-Posted from Not For Tourists.

The Knarr is perhaps the most aptly named denotative dive bar in all of Seattle. I imagine the vibe is very similar to that of the Viking trade ships of yore: alcohol-infused, aggressive revelry, singing of songs, playing of games and generally getting into lots of trouble. The amnesia-inducing dirt-cheap drinks (emphasis on dirt) retrospectively make throwing sharp darts around seem like a bad idea. Feed the juke box (frozen in 1994) and utilize the power of grunge (or Jim Morrison) to aid you in defeating the pool table regulars. Grab a pile of quarters from the bar and be the Pinball Wizard of Medieval Madness all night. Challenge a pair of UW students who were brave enough to travel so far up the Ave to a game of Shuffleboard. It doesn’t so much matter how you decide to allocate your time at the Knarr. You’ll have a blast that you won’t likely remember.

Knarr Tavern
5633 University Way NE 98105