Sunset Finally Sets

This time there really is a wolf. It has been confirmed that the Sunset Bowl and Lounge in Ballard has been sold and will close in April. This is, of course, HORRIBLE news. I will miss their eccentric staff, their 24-hour bowling madness, their DDR machine, their wacky drink specials and, most of all, their 40,000 song, 5 night/week karaoke. In the meantime, I plan to visit as much as possible over the next 3 months. I suggest you do the same. If you've never been to this amazing Ballard staple, now is your chance. Your last chance.

I don't know what stupid plans the new owners have for the space but even if it's not more effing condos, it's still not going to be a suitable substitute. Of all the Old Seattle businesses that have been closing of late, this is definitely the most tragic.