This is How I Feel Today

I Resolve to Resolve

I am not comfortable making New Years resolutions in general because I feel like it is a way to make excuses NOT to do something. (e.g. I will quit smoking…AFTER the New Year). If you want to change something about yourself, why not just start right away? That said, the end of one year and the beginning of another does bring about personal scrutiny. There are some things that have come to light for me lately that I would like to change and I am starting now. I won't call them resolutions. But I will put them in list-form because that is a method that usually motivates me.

Starting now, I will:

*CONSUME LESS CRAP. This means drinking less and eating less bad food. This includes saying no to the 2am nacho or french fry. If have only had a drink or two at 2am, I will certainly be less inclined to want the nacho.
*EXERCISE MORE. I have always been pretty good about doing something exercisey every day, but I haven't been very good about cardio since winter hit. I will do more cardio. 3 times a week, at least, I will DDR. Dance Dance Revolution is actually a good means of getting cardio, unlike Wii tennis, which seems to only work out your right forearm. My right forearm is my only muscle that doesn't really need a workout.
*PAY CLOSER ATTENTION TO MY POSTURE. I've seen my shoulders hunched in pictures lately. I've never had great posture but it seems to have gotten worse. I need to pay more attention to where my head and shoulders are at any given moment. Feel free to correct me if you see me slumping. I may say “Thanks, mom” but, like most motherly advice, I know it will be for my own good.
*STRETCH. My back is getting worse. I really need to get back to yoga class. But barring that, I know the yoga positions that will make my back feel better. Lying on the couch in front of the TV isn't one of them.
*LISTEN TO MY BODY. If my body feels really horrible after a night of drinking sugary drinks, I shouldn't rinse and repeat the following Saturday night. If I am full but really want to eat that last quarter of delicious burrito, I SHOULDN'T eat that last quarter of burrito. The pain in my stomach will be worse than my sadness over wasting a quarter of a delicious burrito.
*DO EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. This will become my new mantra. It should help with everything else on the list. Feel free to remind me of this the next time you see me ordering my 6th drink on a Tuesday.

I will not:
*Let Seasonal Affective Disorder be an excuse for not doing something I know I should do (as in everything on the above list).

HAPPY 2008!

Be Careful Out There

I am pretty disturbed by this story in the Slog about a woman my age who was stabbed in my old neighborhood on New Years Eve for seemingly no reason.

Few new details have emerged yet in the sad story of Shannon Harps’ death, except a rather scary-looking sketch of a “person of interest” in the murder, released by police earlier today. (The sketch of the “person of interest” matches the description of the suspect police released yesterday). Representatives from the Sierra Club, where Harps worked as an associate regional representative promoting the Cascade Chapter’s Cool State campaign, have not returned calls for comment.

Friends and coworkers we have talked to, however, describe Harps as a quiet, mild-mannered young woman who was a little shy but who had a great sense of humor once you drew her out. Harps worked for the Sierra Club for at least eight years—first in Columbus, Ohio, and then in Seattle, where much of her job involved signing cities up for the Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, in which cities agree to voluntarily reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions. “It’ll be a terrible loss,” says Sierra Club Cascade Chapter chair Mike O’Brien, who worked closely with Harps. O’Brien describes Harps as thoughtful and helpful—always the first person to show up at events to help out and the last person to leave after cleaning up. “She was just a really good person… just very positive and uplifting,” O’Brien says.

Marc Conte, a friend of Harps who worked with her in the Club’s Columbus office, says Harps was always supportive and positive, even when victories were few and far between (as they frequently were in Ohio.) She never got mad or raised her voice, he says, even during heated debates. “Some take an adversarial approach but Shannon rose above it. People on ‘the other side’ of an issue were her opponents, not enemies. She might have disagreements with those folks but never arguments…”

Harps moved to Seattle about four years ago to work at the Sierra Club. She was stabbed by a bearded, “scruffy-looking” man, according to witnesses, outside a condo building on 15th and Howell, where she had lived for two years, and died of injuries to her upper chest and abdomen before paramedics could get her to a hospital. She had planned to meet up with friends for a New Year’s Eve party, and was just heading back from Madison Market with groceries when she was attacked. Police haven’t yet said whether they believe the killer was someone Harps knew, but an SPD spokesman did confirm to the Stranger that police are interviewing co-workers to determine whether the man was connected to the Sierra Club. Meanwhile, police have increased patrols in the area around 15th and Howell. O’Brien says he can’t imagine anyone targeting someone like Harps for a random attack; however, the alternative is equally unimaginable. “It doesn’t make sense,” O’Brien says. “If it’s not random, then who the hell would want to target someone like that?”

I still know quite a few people who live on Capitol Hill, some of them RIGHT IN THAT AREA. Ladies (and gents too, for that matter), if you don't already own some pepper spray, please buy some. A friend of ours has been giving us girls nice sharp butterfly knives for our birthdays over the past year. I'm thinking now might be a good time to learn how to use it.