Combined we stand.

10 short questions for a gloomy Thursday.

1) If you could only repent for one thing when you die, what one thing would you choose?
If it turned out I had to repent, I suppose, I would repent for not believing in repentance. Sorry, God. My bad.

2) If you could talk to anyone in the world by phone, who would you choose?
They don’t have an email address? Then I don’t need to talk to them.

3) If, like the milk or the newspaper, you could have anything delivered to your front doorstep each and every day, what would it be?

4) If you could have your voice sound like any other person, living or alive, who would that be and why?
Living OR alive? Such a broad spectrum. If we’re talking singing voice, Kim Shattuck from the Muffs. Speaking voice: Cate Blanchette.

5) Which month of the year do you think best describes your personality?
While I don’t particularly subscribe to astrology, I am 100% a Virgo type personality and therefore I shall choose September.

6) If you could make $100 a day by avoiding physical contact of any kind with another human being, how much money do you think you’d be able to make before you cracked?
$200 tops.

7) How much do the words “I love you” mean to you? Do you throw the word “love” around a lot? For example, if someone made a hilarious comment, might you exclaim “I love you!” while laughing, or are those words more sacred?
Your phrasing is strange but I see what you’re getting at. I do not throw the words around, no. But hyperbole is often unavoidable. For instance: “I LOVE the Starbucks breakfast sandwich!” does not necessarily mean that I want to marry it.

8) If everyone of your preferred gender suddenly disappeared from the face of the planet, would you prefer to switch teams or become celibate?
After a period of mourning over losing almost all of my friends, I would definitely switch teams. However, reading “The Last Man” series would have perhaps given me some false hope. (Although I haven’t finished it yet…so maybe there is no hope even in fiction?)

9) Would you be willing to donate your sperm/eggs for money, or just to help out couples who are unable to conceive?
If it weren’t as hard on the body and time consuming as I’ve heard it is to donate eggs, I would do it. However, I would want to make sure that the dad had some pretty strong genes to counteract my gimpy tendencies.

10) Do you think you could be genuinely happy being single for the rest of your life? (This is assuming that you just never meet/met mr./ms. right, not that something awful happened).
Only if everything else in my life (career, friends, money) was in line. So…probably not.

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