and suddenly asked sternly:

1. Spell your last name backward?

Retxab. A new drug for penile dysfunction.

2. Story behind your first name:

My parents almost named me Matilda (which would have been awesome), but changed their minds at the last minute and went with the then uncommon, Jessica. That year, Jessica was the #1 name chosen for a girl, resulting in years at school of being known as Jessica B. or Jessica #3.

3. When's your birthday:

September 8.

4. Where do you live?

Seattle, WA


5. Wallet:

A dirty leopard print wallet from the Bon.

6. Eyes:

They’re blue.

7. Toothbrush:

A turquoise GUM brand I got free from the dentist.

8. Jewelry worn:

A Celtic knot ring that used to belong to Dom’s mother.

9. Cell Phone:

A 3+ year old Erickson with no frills and an Opus sticker on the back. Ring tone: Shpadoinkle Day!

10. Pillow cover right now:


11. Car:

Public Transportation!

12. Bedroom:

Actually clean for once, since I had to make sure there wasn’t anything Tobe could vengefully pee on while I was away.

13. Sunglasses:

Some cheap ones from the drug store. I never pay more than $15 for sunglasses or umbrellas because I will ALWAYS lose or break them.

14. Cologne/Perfume:


15. CD in stereo right now:

I-pod shuffle.

16. What you are wearing now:

Red paisley skirt, black top and cardigan.

17. Wishing:

For some generous and adventurous investors.

18. Wanting:

To quit my job.

19. What are you doing After this:

Back to work.

20. If you could get away with it and murder anyone who would it be:

Well, I don’t even believe in the death penalty, but I wish something very bad would happen to Lil’ D.

21. Person you wish you could see right now:

Dom and Faye.

22. Some of your favorite movies:

Back to the Future
Wet Hot American Summer
I shant go on.

23. Something you're looking forward to in the coming week:

Seeing a matinee of Final Destination 3 with Faye.

24.Something you just ate:

Haven't eaten yet. So hungry…

25. Something you are deathly afraid of:

After seeing “The Descent”, spelunking.

26. Do you like candles:


27. Do you like incense:

Not really. It makes me sneeze and smells like hippies.

28. Do you like the taste of blood:

Not really, but I’m not above sucking a papercut.

29. Do you believe in love:


30. Do you believe in love at first sight:


31. Do you believe in Heaven:


32. Do you believe in God:

Not any forms of God I’ve heard of so far.

33. Can you eat with chopsticks:

Yes, but apparently, my form is poor.

34. What's your favorite coin:

The ones that buy me stuff.

35. What are some of your favorite candies:

Sour Patch Kids, Mambos, Tootsie Rolls, Almond Joy, Cinnamon Bears.

36. What's something you wish you could understand better:

Human Nature.

37. Are you shy around your crush:


38. Do you know what it feels like to be in love:


39. Would you sacrifice your favorite possession for your best friend?:

Everything can be replaced except friends and pets.


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