X3 Preview

One of the blogs I frequent is this guy's comics blog. He pretty much knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the medium so much of the time I don't know what he's talking about, but I learn a lot. He also makes some pretty funny web comics of his own. Here's one he did using pictures from the upcoming Roger Corman-looking X3:

title or description

If only he were writing the script, I would actually be kind of excited to see the thing.


receptive jubilant remand



Dom and I strolled down to The Superbig Collective to see the premiere of Alesia’s short “Future Syn”. The space was pretty weird inside. I guess it’s kind of an artist’s co-op so there are a lot of different rooms for different types of art, and they’re all off of a narrow hallway type-area (where the most of the party was). So there was a lot of standing and moving out of people’s way so they could get past. Still, there was free food (cheese and meat) and an open bar (run by Alesia’s dad, who I know…so I couldn’t go back to the bar as often as I wanted to). The movie itself: it’s very distracting to watch a movie full of people you know and hang out with all the time. I wonder if Hollywood people have the same problem.


Meep and I decided to go shopping on Broadway to find her an outfit for the My Bloody Valentine’s Day party next Saturday (if you’re not coming, it better be because you live in another state, because it’s going to be AWESOME). Anyway, we went to Crossroads, and perused the massive costume section of Red Light. Of course, I found a dress because I, of all people, needed something new to wear to a gothic-themed party. Meep found a cute top. We were good to go. Next stop, back to Meep’s house to pick up the ghetto Lemongrass Lime Rikis I made and then off to the Meridian to watch “Final Destination 3”.

FD3 was cool. We knew there was no way it was going to be as awesome as FD2, but it still had potential, just based on the fact that it features a lot of teenagers getting killed. Sure, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is no A.J. Cook, and Ryan Merriman is no Poor Man’s Wes Bentley, but it was extremely enjoyable nonetheless. I think the Death’s Design franchise works so well because there are no cheesy-looking monsters to ruin the mood. Just lots of bloody, goopy teenage slaughter. I won’t spoil any of the specific death scenes, but I will say that there were some pretty cool effects involving many sharp objects.

The audience was refreshing for a horror movie. At least, one group was. Meep and I were relieved, for once, to not be the only people taking delight in Death’s Design. There was also a couple (who sat right in front of us in a ¾ empty theatre). The guy seemed to be enjoying himself. The verdict is still out on his girlfriend. Some dumb shits did, however, BRING A KID TO FINAL DESTINATION 3. I don’t care if you can’t get a babysitter or if the kid swears up and down they won’t be frightened when they inevitably see brains flying everywhere. Both you and the kid can rent the damned movie in 5 years.

After the movie, Meep and I had a little time to kill and I was hungry, so we went to Gameworks to first, split a “Really Big Quesadilla”, a house salad and two Zombies (which were horrible, by the way. Don’t order the Zombie unless you are able to eat spoonfuls of sugar without flinching. I felt like I was becoming instantly diabetic after every sip). We still had about half an hour after our meal before we had to catch the bus to the U-District, so we bought $7 Gameworks cards and ran around to try and find where they’d put DDR. They replaced the two DDR stations in the front with two House of the Dead 4 stations. HotD4 looked pretty awesome, but Meep said she didn’t have $40 to spend on beating it. We found ONE DDR station, but it looked like the guy was in it for the long haul. So we checked the two air hockey tables, but they were overrun with kids also. We waited as long as we could, but we had to catch the bus. So now we have $14 worth of Gameworks fun at a future date when the place isn’t doubling as a day care.

Off to the U, where we got to Café Allegro just in time for the Tangents to start their set. We had to squeeze in right in the front row, which was a little weird, (probably more for Elyse and Rene than for us). Luckily, we know them well enough to be all up in their face while they play. They sounded awesome, as usual. Elyse rocked the cello and the egg maraca.

After the show, we headed downstairs to the College Inn, and hung out till almost closing. I really like the College Inn, but I wish to hell they’d turn the juke box up. If I put in $5 worth of songs, I want to be able to hear them over the chitter chatter of college students.


My day began with breakfast with Charlie’s with Gene and Sherwood. It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day, so we decided to walk around a little bit after. We wandered down to That’s Atomic, which I’ve never been inside of…and still haven’t. It was closed. Then we walked back up to Easy Street, where I bought Killer Rats and Wicked City. I have never heard of either of these movies, but I had to get Killer Rats because of Ron Perlman and the hilarious picture on the back (which I couldn't find on the internet anywhere). And Wicked City just looked kind of cool. They were both $6, so what the hell.

Gene had to get home and Sherwood had to run to his office to check on his poor fish who may or may not have survived a power outage. I paid Meep a surprise visit which was fortuitous for me, as her neighbor wasn’t home. This means…DDR marathon! We played DDR till we couldn’t be upright anymore, and then proceeded with the evening’s plans which involved an organic vegetarian spaghetti-o’s feast and Blade: Trinity. Blade: Trinity is every bit as awful as I’ve heard. Even Ryan Reynolds’ bulging pecs and sardonic demeanor couldn’t save it. Even PATTON OSWALT couldn’t save it. Jesus, it was bad. The script felt like a first draft by a 12-year old. The special effects were hackneyed. When the dialogue wasn’t being painful to listen to, it was just boring. Do NOT waste your time in this one. No redeeming value. None.

But no matter. I had a lot of fun this weekend. I saw some great music, lots of violent head injuries and played DDR with my BFF. Wesley Snipes would have to make another 5 Blade movies to put a damper on that. And from what I hear, he may never get work in Hollywood again.

NEXT WEEKEND: Lesbian karaoke and My Bloody Valentine’s Day!