This is most modern and safe way not to cover with shame

Last night I finally watched one of the movies that Mark lent me. It’s called “Threads” and it’s about the destruction of society after a nuclear war. I must admit that it did test my desensitization level. There were some pretty damned disturbing images in there. There was a sporadic narrator and a lot of text which at first made me feel like I was watching an educational video with a narrative thru-line. However, after the bomb dropped the use of stock footage and the quick splicing of images lent it a certain documentary feel. There was no music, just the screams of human agony and the sound of nuclear winter. It’s not often that a violent movie stays with me, but I have a feeling this one will for a while, despite the cheesy freeze-frame ending. Actually, I’m kind of grateful for the freeze-frame because it ushered me out of the horrible images and back into reality. Obviously, it’s not a happy-fun-time Sunday afternoon movie, but I recommend watching it. The realism in it could turn any war monger into a flower-sniffing pacifist. Thanks for sharing, Mark!

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smoke my pecan

If you ever considered becoming a tax evader, this would be the year to do it. I did my taxes on Monday and not only am I not getting a refund, but I OWE the government 4X more than I did last year. The only think I can think to attribute this to would be the prosperity of the stock market which brought me good returns on my reinvested dividends. I have a small amount of money invested in ONE mutual fund that did well last year and I accrued pretty close to the EXACT amount of money I now owe to the government in taxes. Whose idea was this? After I pay, I will be right back where I was last year financially. So an entire year of investing is now moot thanks to Bushy’s regime and the expenses of a war I don’t believe in. God bless America.

This has, however, inspired me to open a ROTH IRA. That way I can shield my savings from taxes until I retire, at which time we will either have a nice Democratic president in office and I will be able to spend my money in peace, or else, the government will take it all and I will have to keep working until I drop dead. Call it a fun long-term social experiment!