an ingratiating smile, as

Last night was the Cast/Crew/Friends/Dom's Family screening of “SDBSD”. It was kinda weird. I was a little disappointed at how UNsmoothly it went. We had technical difficulties so the 6:30 screening didn't start till, like, 6:50. A lot of people showed up late (who shows up late to a movie?!) and due to lack of volunteers, Faye and I ended up working the check-in table instead of schmoozing and “guaging audience reaction” as Dom said we should. So I guess it's a good thing that most of the industry/press folks we invited didn't show up. Faye and I did sit in for the second screening, though. And I learned a few things.

1) Oh my god, I hate looking at myself on screen. During the EPK interviews, I was seriously mortified. And it wasn't just because of my nervous tick/stroke victim mouth. It's a damned good thing I'm not an actor. Still, if Faye and I are to be one day interviewed by Guilianna DiPandi on E!, we best get used to the camera. But Jesus. A giant Jessica is not a good Jessica.

2) The problem with having such a short movie is that if people laugh at one joke, they will be laughing over the next joke.

3) Our movie is not “laugh-out-loud funny”. It more of a “chortle quietly to yourself” film. I hope.

4) Drinking Vodka on a weeknight isn't necessarily a good idea.

Which brings me to the after-party. Faye, Jacob and I were cleaning up so we arrived late and discovered that there were no seats left the room we reserved at the Canterbury. It was ok though because Elyse decided to buy us shots at the bar. She asked the bartender to give us three “sorority girl shots”. A VERY hammered girl at the bar overheard this and said something like “I can get those” which led us to believe she worked there. She didn't. She was just HAMMERED. So, for lack of ideas and little cooperation from the bartender, we ordered kamikazes and then went to sit down in a different room to eat. We were hoping that the room would clear out a little, leaving us seats. While we ate, the drunk girl from the bar came over with a blue highlighter and proceeded to write greek letters on mine and Faye's arm. She was rambling something awful so I STILL don't know what she said exactly but it was something about her being sorry (?) for wearing stockings. She was only wearing them because she'd been to a job interview at 2:00 that day. And drinking ever since, I'm assuming. The night was pretty tame after that. But I still drank way too many Vodka Collins' and thus have some major tummy rumblings today. I hope I have time to get in a nap after work because it's back to the party grindstone tonight for Ben Dunn's birthday in the Mos Eisley Cantina where gay Tom Savini works! Also, everybody's welcome to come if they don't already know about it. The more people to give Ben birthday spankings, the better!


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