fallen-from-the-sky checkered one where

Hello my Cats and Kittens.
I am writing to you from my post-surgical bed where I am currently on the mend. I am also in a Vicodin induced haze so you’ll forgive my grammatical and spelling errors and/or type-os. I just wanted to write a quick hello and surgical re-cap. It seems to have gone well. I am feeling ok too. Best surgery ever, so far. Unlike the last time I received general anesthesia, I am moderately functional, cognizant and devoid of fainting spells. I am not speaking gibberish, vomiting sporadically or hallucinating. All of these things are improvements upon previous brushes with anesthesia. It’s tough to say how my bosom is fairing, as it is hiding under miles of gauze. But they do appear smaller. (They are also bound rather tight, though…think Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love…only with breasts underneath them). My plans for the day are to eat more crackers, drink more Romulan Ale flavored Gatorade, sleep, and maybe watch some movies whilst blazed out of my mind on painkillers. Do you folks need to know any of this? Do you care? I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what. Typing is fun in this state of mind. I feel like the drugs haven’t hindered my typing speed at all. Then again, I also think I can fly. So what does that tell you?
I’m off to the land of sugar plums and dancing platypi Later, my lovelies.

Hazy McHazerston