So I just heard the new Harvey Danger song on KEXP. I was never very impressed with this band. Pop drivel, really. But now that Sean Nelson, the film section editor of The Stranger seems to hold a good deal of our fate in his hands, I am paying attention. You see, the Stranger controls what lives or dies in the independent film community in Seattle. And if they don't even PRINT anything about us (see recent rant about our fundraiser getting omitted from their events calendar), then we basically don't exist.

So what's eating me right now is that KEXP is licking Harvey Danger's balls and playing all these songs off their new EP, but the songs are NOTHING SPECIAL AT ALL. The melodies are pretty generic. And the lyrics smack of pretension and intellectual ego. (Especially with the “references” to Seattle landmarks”). Here is a sample from a song called “Pike St./Park Slope” (OHMYGOD PIKE STREET IS IN SEATTLE AND THAT'S WHERE WE LIVE!!!):

“No one's keeping you captive in the town that let you down. Blame it on the television, blame it on the company. Don't blame it on the fundamental fact that no one owes you something…Maybe we could run away and start a little repertory moviehouse or something. she said, sorry but i think you might be just projecting…Pike street to park slope, Brooklyn.”

And it goes on like this. Am I wrong in thinking this smacks of a college journal (or blog, even) that some “thoughtful” hipster is updating from Bauhaus? But no one can be critical of Harvey Danger because they know Sean Nelson could break them. (Which is why this entry is locked…I'm such an asshole).

But it still burns my bacon that these mediocre talents have so much power over the art scene. And when ARE the burnouts going to let us sit with them in the cafeteria??!!


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