later a sweating silver

I’m back!

For those of you that don’t know, I was in Phoenix for 2 days on my very first business trip. I was being trained for my day job. They were all very nice there and they fed me silly on good food. I also got to stay in the Ritz Carlton (and realised that I MUCH prefer staying in a mid-low budget hotel. They may have nice mattresses in the Ritz but they charge you for EVERYTHING. For $200 a night, I want some free tea or coffee, at least. A bottle of water was $5!). But at least now I know I’m not missing anything when I live it up at the Days Inn for $60/night.
I haven’t flown in a long time. (Well, not a LONG time…but long for me). And now I have an unshakable feeling every time I get on an airplane that I am about to be stuck on a mysterious island with these people. Of course, I would probably actually have to fly over WATER (and/or the Bermuda triangle) to crash on an island. Unfortunately, on my island, there probably wouldn’t be so many delicious and enigmatic characters. OR an Iron Giant. Damn you, TV for giving me such high expectations about freak accidents!

I am very tired. Of COURSE when I arrived back there was a giant pile of work on my desk. And guess what, I’m not doing any of it right now! Ha!

Work is boring. On to other topics.

The good news: The fundraiser was a BLAST! Thank you for everyone that helped and attended and partied their hearts out. I was pretty stressed for about half the evening and then the wine on an empty stomach kicked in. By the end of the night, I was plowed and having a grand ‘ol time. There are SOME pictures here. You can definitely see the before and after of drunkenness for me and Faye. Of course, the BEST pictures (I wager) are on Jacob’s camera and I can’t wait for him to get back from Germany so that I can see them! Among them are a giant group picture with Zombie Santa and a plastered (yet surprisingly coherent) Gene!
The bad news: We only raised HALF of our MINIMUM budget. So now we are going to have to pester our friends, family and strangers (in other words: EVERYONE) to donate so that we can even THINK about shooting the movie in January. I’m a little scared because it’s not like any of US have that kind of money laying around in case we can’t raise it elsewhere. I suppose severe credit card debt is an option, but I wanted to save that for the feature.

I wish I had time to go into more detail about the drunken revelry of the fundraiser, but now I really DO need to get to work. So you’ll just have to glean a story from the pictures. I’ll update when I get the juicy ones from Jacob. Until then, rock on, you hard rock zombies!