that the cat's Browning

Gonna go BACK IN TYME!!

Since I have time to blog now when nothing is happening, I am going to talk about last week when stuff was happening but I didn't have time to blog. So there. Now…let's see how much of last week I remember.

So I spent most of last week hurriedly dressing up the Old Red Hook Brewery for the fundraiser with the very capable and wonderful crew of Snow Day. Meep led us all with her amazing x-mas decorating skills and hundreds of lights purchased from Target. In the end, I think we made that stink-hole look pretty kick-ass!

Friday I left work early to first go to my “pre-op” appointment and then to do last minute prep at brewery. I went in to my appointment a little nervous and left feeling a lot better about the surgery. Not that I was having doubts about it. Just that surgery is always stressful, even if you know it will help you. (And I consider myself somewhat of a surgery veteran, whatwith the two knee surgeries and that hardcore oral surgery it took to get my wisdom teeth out). They assured me that they wouldn't overdo the anesthesia which is comforting because last time I got General Anesthesia, I took to it VERY badly. They also told me that what I'm having done (liposuction instead of the choppy chop type) is a lot easier to recover from and won't hurt as bad. The downside to that is that I only get 30 Vicodin. So I guess we won't be having those Vicodin parties. But who am I to complain about less pain? The one thing they told me that was somewhat disappointing was that I wouldn't notice results right away. In fact, I will probably be BIGGER for as long as a MONTH due to the swelling. So I guess I have to postpone that major bra shopping trip. I can't wait to see what kind of a freak of nature I will look like with EVEN BIGGER breasts. Probably something like this:
title or description

I do have stories from the fundraiser itself but I'm hoping I'll be able to let the pictures do the talking. I should get the rest of them sometime this weekend.

They ALMOST got me last night. It was the last episode before sweeps so I knew there had to be a big cliff hanger. I remember reading that (for some reason) Charlie, Jack and Kate were all safe from being killed off this season, but that ONE main character WOULD die before season's end. So when I watched Jack beat the crap out of Charlie's lifeless body for what must have been 5 minutes (which converts to at least half an hour in TV land time), I thought Charlie was gone and I began to wonder if I would even watch the show anymore after that. I would still have Sayid (Rowr!) but Dominic Monaghan was the whole reason I started watching to begin with. Furthermore, I can't take much more trauma of people killing off my favorite characters. (I'm looking at you, Joss!) And then Jack REALLY starting hitting Charlie and he woke up in a gasping coughing fit. So now poor Charlie is TOTALLY traumatized because his new girlfriend has been kidnapped, his chest is extremely bruised and he probably has some brain damage from being dead that long. (Which is why he can only speak in short sentences). :)
I can't wait till after sweeps!!!

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