Something is in the air today. Something baaaaad.

When I went to the post office, the cashier told me that a man was hit by a car outside our building. The driver sped off and later ditched his/her car by the waterfont. The man who was hit died a short while later. For some reason, the cops still have the street blocked off even though the man was taken away a while ago. There is police tape everywhere. It looks like C.S.I.

I walked up to Pike Place Market to pick up a fundraiser donation from Golden Age Collectibles. There were TONS of transients around moving their big carts and handtrucks full of bags. I've never seen so many at one time “moving”. Do they know something we don't?

The smell of the donut shop inside the market overtook everything with a sickly sweet fried scent.

Walking back to the office, the wind whipped my hair and clothes around violently. It seemed to have changed direction so that I was against it going and coming. The rain was light enough but felt colder than usual because of the wind. Everyone walked with their heads down and therefore I had to be careful not to bump into anyone. People were huddling their entire bodies into their coats rather than let their faces emerge and pay attention to where they were going.

Back in the office, everyone is working quietly and subdued in their offices. This is unusual, at least for the guys.

I was recently informed that Rossi took Washington State by 42 votes. That means there are at least 42 more literate fundies in Washington than there are normal people.

It's a holiday tomorrow but it today doesn't feel like it.