and waved them in


Dinner at my beloved Canterbury with Dom, Faye and Andrew. We were all very tired and planned to make an “early” night of it, but somehow that never quite works out. Probably continuing to order beer doesn't help either. We may or may not have pissed off the staff of the Canterbury when we encouraged Andrew to inquire as to why his juke box selections were cut off. Turns out they have the power to skip tracks if they are so inclined and when it comes to Phil Collins and Cream, they ARE so inclined. The delightful Shawna (sp?) gave Andrew his dollar back and we tipped her extremely well in order to make amends (just in case she was more annoyed than she let on). Can't be burning our bridges at The Local.
We returned to mine and Dom's, slightly tipsy and forced Andrew to watch our short films and listen to Tickle Me Emo. It was that kind of night. Then we broke out the new “80's power ballads” karaoke cd's that I purchased. Derek joined us after a while and did a heart-wrenching rendition of “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”. I can't remember what anyone else sang because at that point, 3 beers has turned to 6 (or 7). Meanwhile, Faye was fighting narcolepsy on the couch. Early night, indeed.

We (being Dom, Faye, Sherrard, Dan and me) loaded up the car and headed up to Bellingham for the Projections Film Festival at which two of my shorts, the lovely Slavka Kolbel's (6SFP fame) and the talented (and baby soft) Daniel Purcell's films were playing. We sat through 4 hours of several good films (and a few…well, if you can't say anything nice…) After that we were exhausted and hungry. We had initially planned to go to a very El Toro-like establishment called “La Pinata” (which means The Pinata). Turns out, it was a little TOO El Toro-like in that it was out of business. No mexican food and karaoke for us! (Which is probably good because we were still a little sick from some really sub-par Mount Vernon Taco Bell. Yes, it was actually WORSE than Taco Bell-quality.) We entertained visiting “Taco Lobo” (meaning Wolf Taco) or La Casa Que Pasa (meaning The House of What's Up) but we decided instead to get pizza and cut our losses. On the way we got yelled at by two passing cars in a row! (What are the odds?). The first were girls shouting something about a flower. The second was a pickup truck full of (I'm assuming) frat boys who yelled something to us about being foreigners and going back to where we came from. (I blame them for that awkward diction). Anywho, we ate our foreign asses some pizza and then retreated to our hotel rooms at the Rodeway Inn (past tense of “Ride”), ate pie and were in bed by midnight. It was that kind of night.

We decided not to stay for the awards ceremony, as it would have gotten us back home very late. I will let you know if we won anything. I'm not holding my breath though. My good friend DJ won an award for best in category though! (The Category was
“Pure Schlock”. Doesn't sound terribly flattering, I know :) Congrats DJ!
Instead we ate a delicious breakfast and hit the road back home (resisting the temptation of first visiting the hemp museum). I forced everyone to listen to my cheesy road trip mixes. We arrived home around 1:00 in time for me to go to yoga! I am trying to cram as much yoga in as possible before my surgery. It's difficult though being that I'm so busy. The temptation to get lazy about exercise is very strong. Must resist…

Anywho, the weekend wasn't as adventure-ridden as I'd predicted, but it was fun nonetheless. And now…The Working Week!