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Don't cry daddy

Ok. After two days of paralysis, I'm back. And here's what I've decided: Despite the fact that a horribly evil man has once again taken leadership of this country, I still (perhaps naively) feel that if things get REALLY bad (I mean REALLY) there are enough of us liberals out there that we we can band together and just mother-effing RIOT in the streets. I don't know what that will do, if anything. But I'm still pretty proud of what we did during the W.T.O. And even if THAT doesn't help repair ANY of the damage that Bushy is going to do in this country during his regime, we can at least be confident in the fact that there will probably be a whole lot of good rock music made that is political as hell. It can be just like the sixties! Only this time the Bob Dylans and the Phil Ochs's will have electric guitars (and not in that crappy way)! And maybe the liberals will smell a little bit better!
I'm just trying to see the bright side here, people. There HAS to be one…hasn't there?

In other news, we are going to Bellingham this weekend because two of my shorts (as well as Slavka's short from the 6SFP) are going to be in the Projections Film Festival! This is actually kind of a big deal because this festival gets a fair amount of exposure and important people go to it. (Not as many as SIFF, of course…but STILL). So I'm excited. I'm also excited about this bar up in Bellingham that is a mexican restaurant/karaoke bar. Those of you from Tacoma might remember the beloved El Toro which boasted the same features and was the stomping ground for a lot of our misspent college days. I have tremendously fond memories of El Toro and was utterly devastated when I stumbled upon its smoldering remains one sunny summer day. Anywhosel, I am hoping that this La Pinata will be at least 1/10 the fun that El Toro was. (Or at least that they will have free chips and salsa. {{{Homer Simpson noise}}}. I will be aided in this mission by the charismatic , the lovely , the superfun and the moustachy Dan.
I'll regail you will tails upon my return! In the meantime, happy Friday!
I'm gonna go listen to folk music and get riled up!

PS: I just want to say that Dominic Monaghan is a fine actor and Charlie is the only character on “Lost” thus far that has elicited an emotional response from me. And I'm not just talking about “down there”.