bubble bath 49 dissidents

WEEKEND RECAP (To forget about life for a while)

Had a quiet evening in at Faye's house wherein we watched Martin (George Romero's fun vampire effort) and ate delicious pumpkin pie. Ale and Pie is always a good idea, even if, as Americans, we get it slightly wrong.


We had some interviews at Vita for SDBSD ( update later today). Found some more good folks. Then we putzed around and began to get ready for the party. Dom dressed as Ash, Faye and I were Beavis and Butthead, Jacob was Patrick Bateman (of COURSE) and Sherrard was Donnie Darko. And OH, the party! We arrived around 9:00 and began singing straight away. I sang a bunch of songs I've never sung before including “Science Fiction/Double Feature” (from Rocky Horror)with Gene, “More Than Words” with and “Feed Me” (from Little Shop of Horrors) with ! I especially enjoyed singing the showtunes because I have always wanted to be talented enough to be in a musical and beer gives me the delusions that I am!
Costume highlights as Courtney Love and Andrew as Stanz from Ghostbusters! Hopefully, Dom will upload the pictures soon!
Around 4am I became vaguely aware that I was really tired. We gathered up the troops and headed home.

SundayIt's a good thing we had that extra hour of sleep because, well, let's just say my old bones aren't as resilient as they used to be. I spend almost ALL of Sunday completely wrecked. Sherrard was kind enough to bring me some gatorade, which helped a bit, but mostly, I couldn't get up off the couch. I was out of my pajamas for all of an hour when I went to the grocery store. Yikes! I feel pretty guilty about not making it to yoga, especially since I've only been making it once a week anyway. I'M TOO BUSY!!! I plan to MAKE time to go twice a week 6 weeks prior to my surgery though because who knows when I will be able to get back in there after that. I'll be damned if I turn back into cookie dough! I'll be damned. Because everyone will want to eat my delicious cookie limbs.

I'm off to find other ways to distract myself for the next several hours.


what makes you so nervous?

If I may quote Bill The Cat, “ACK!”

I can't take it! It's only 9:00 and I'm already FREAKING OUT. Everywhere I turn there's someone talking about the election. Luckily, living in Seattle as I do, most of it is liberal chatter. Pat Cashman is making light of it on the radio with a re-working of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. There's “fun” little blurbs and things all over the place. Zach Galifianakis sent his newsletter subscribers a plea to vote for Dukakis. (But in all seriousness to vote Kerry, obviously). Nonetheless, I am TERRIFIED and I feel like I should just lock myself in a sensory deprivation chamber until later tonight to avoid having a panic attack. Especially when I think about Faye's (hopefully not prophetic) freudian slip uttered last night wherein she called tomorrow “The Day After America”.

In the meantime, if you voted absentee, you can check to see if they received your ballot heyah. I checked mine days ago. It says they received it so I've done all I can do.