Really Weird Stuff E21: Twin Peaks – Checkmate

On episode 21 of Really Weird Stuff, we’re discussing Twin Peaks Season 2, Episode 13: Checkmate”. This episode was written by Harley Peyton and directed by Todd Holland. It’s best known as the one where Jean Renault meets his end, and ladies (specifically Nadine and Denise) save the day! Special guest Matt Fisher of Ex-Rated Movies Podcast joins us to explore such mysteries as:

DOES anyone like the James and Evelyn plot?
WHY is Windom Earle So extra?
WHERE is Nadine’s high school comedy spin-off?

PLUS: Matt brings us another viable theory for where to stick FWWM in the viewing order!

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Really Weird Stuff E17: Twin Peaks – Arbitrary Law

On episode 17 of Really Weird Stuff, we’re discussing Twin Peaks Season 2, Episode 9: “Arbitrary Law”. This episode was written by Mark Frost, Harley Peyton, and Robert Engels. It wasperhaps slightly over-directeddirected by Tim Hunter, but it also feels like a seminal episode for The Return. It’s best known as the one where BOB shuffles off to Buffalo, taking Ray Wise with him. Special guest Ryan Weadon of Ex-Rated Movies Podcast joins us to explore such mysteries as:

WHY do they mis-translate ‘J’ai une âme solitaire’?
WHAT is the deal with BOB’s folksy personality?
ARE Lucy and Andy actually children in adult bodies?

PLUS: Piper Laurie is on WikiFeet!

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Really Weird Stuff E7: Twin Peaks – Realization Time

On RWS E7, we’re discussing Twin Peaks Season 1, Episode 6, “Realization Time”, written by Harley Peyton and directed by Caleb Deschanel. This is best known as the one where Waldo the Myna bird helps the investigation, and the Bookhouse Boys go to One-Eyed Jacks. But there are so many other delicious scenes, including Audrey sleuthing all over Horne’s Department store and a nod to “Double Indemnity” in Catherine’s scene with the ambitious life insurance agent, Mr. Neff. Special guest, Matt Fisher of Ex-Rated Movies Podcast helps us explore such mysteries as:

HOW does Audrey know exactly what to say to the stock boy?
WHY doesn’t the Bureau have a budget for better wigs?
HOW does Blackie keep from gagging during that failed flirtation with Big Ed?

PLUS: Matt discusses why Twin Peaks is the only television drama he’s watched more than once!

Listen to RWS Episode 7 here!

Ex-Rated Podcast: In Bruges

I got to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts, Ex-Rated! They were doing their Christmas in December series (gotta love that name) and asked me to pick a backdoor Christmas movie. I chose Martin McDonagh’s 2008 existential drama, “In Bruges”.

Happy Winter Solstice everybody! For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s the darkest day of the year, which makes this week’s Christmas flick all the more appropriate. Superstar friend of the pod Jessica Baxter joins us to discuss Martin McDonagh’s feature length debut, In Bruges (2008). Set against the backdrop of a freakin’ medieval fairy tale fantasy, this dark comedy smartly deals with classic religious themes such as guilt and purgatory, but looks at them through a very modern lens. The result, thanks to the brilliant script and impressive performances, is a rich, funny, and eminently watchable ride. Join us for an episode that includes our terrible attempts at Irish accents, a Gleeson family surprise, and a scale that goes all the way up to blobbychongas, this week on Ex Rated Movies!

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Podcast Appearance: Ex-Rated Presents – Womb

I got to be on another episode of Ex-Rated Podcast, discussing the 2010 mind-fork of a movie, Womb.


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Podcast: Mandy


The wonderful fellas behind Ex Rated Movies invited me back for a “Quick and Dirty” discussion of Panos Cosmatos’ revenge flick, Mandy (2018). It was great fun attempting to process this insane movie in real time with them. Listen here!

Ex-Rated Podcast: Wild at Heart

1133333I recently had the opportunity to spew my guts out about one of my all-time favorite movies, Wild at Heart, on the Ex-Rated Podcast (so-named because the hosts used to date). Ryan Weadon and Matt Fisher were very fun to talk to about the movie, the Lynchverse, and Nic Cage’s eccentric spending habits, amongst other things. Please give it a listen over at Ex-Rated Movies.