Really Weird Stuff E17: Twin Peaks – Arbitrary Law

On episode 17 of Really Weird Stuff, we’re discussing Twin Peaks Season 2, Episode 9: “Arbitrary Law”. This episode was written by Mark Frost, Harley Peyton, and Robert Engels. It wasperhaps slightly over-directeddirected by Tim Hunter, but it also feels like a seminal episode for The Return. It’s best known as the one where BOB shuffles off to Buffalo, taking Ray Wise with him. Special guest Ryan Weadon of Ex-Rated Movies Podcast joins us to explore such mysteries as:

WHY do they mis-translate ‘J’ai une âme solitaire’?
WHAT is the deal with BOB’s folksy personality?
ARE Lucy and Andy actually children in adult bodies?

PLUS: Piper Laurie is on WikiFeet!

Listen to the episode here!