NFT Radar: Village Sushi

Foodieism is unquestionably all the rage these days. Hipsters no longer flock to destinations for their on-tap PBR ironic decor, but for their wacky fusion dishes, local cheese selection and exotic meat offerings. Somewhere along the line, tater tots were replaced by foie gras. So that’s why it’s rather refreshing to find a place that just serves straight up, traditional genre cuisine and does it very well. Village Sushi doesn’t have any cleverly named house rolls. They just have the usual: Unagi, salmon nigiri, cucumber rolls, tempura, and everything you would expect a sushi restaurant to serve. It’s not fancy, but it’s perfectly executed and damned delicious. It doesn’t hurt that they have the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic sake sommelier I’ve ever met. She’ll ask you questions and pick the sake she thinks you’ll like the best. She’ll offer to let you sample her wares and she won’t try to talk you into the pricey stuff. If you like sushi, you will leave Village stuffed and satisfied and you won’t have dropped a lot of coin either. Sure trying new things is fun, but you gotta love the classics!

4741 12th Ave NE 98105

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