NFT Radar: Chaco Canyon

Many have praised it and I’ve only been once so I’m guessing Chaco Canyon is pretty hit or miss. For me, it was a huge miss. This is the sort of experience that makes meat and potatoes folks run for the hills. Me, I love organic food. But, while they succeed at stocking organic, local ingredients, they fail epically in the culinary department. The BBQ Seitan sandwich ($10.95) lived up to expectations only in that it was hot. Devoid of BBQ sweetness, it’s surprising that something so spicy could be so bland. It also became a soggy mess on the 10-minute walk home. The carrot cake ($5.95) was an affront to desserts. While it resembled one of my all-time favorites from a visual standpoint, the first bite was a shocking disappointment. I couldn’t identify the white topping, but it wasn’t frosting. The “cake” was bitter, mealy and raisin-free. The whimsical buttercream carrot on top, in this case an actual carrot, was the only edible part. To add insult to injury, this place ain’t cheap. Sure, there’s the quinoa “recession bowl” ($3.95). Quinoa is very tasty and chock full of protein but I shudder to think what they’ve done to it.

4757 12th Ave NE 98105

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