Really, BSG? REALLY?

Part one of the Battlestar Galactica series finale was gripping and ended with a cliffhanger. I couldn’t wait for part 2.

A suicide mission to land right on the enemies big guns and ram your way in?! That is bound to be awesome. And it was! Tension tension tension. Lots of guns and Centurions running around. Important characters getting injured. Hera running off, thus putting her parents in peril for the millionth time. The parallels to the Opera House dream and everyone realizing what they were supposed to do and coming to terms with their destiny. And then Starbuck entered the song/code as the jump coordinates and Galactica made her last jump to…Earth! Our Earth. 150 million years ago. Cool! But there’s still a lot of time left.

So they unpack. People decide where they want to live. Anders leads the evil Cylons into the center of the sun to prevent resurrection. Starbuck tells Anders she loves him and seems to mean it. Everything is still awesome but kind of slowing down. How are they going to fill the rest of the running time? And then…

Angels? REALLY? ANGELS? Starbuck was an angel? Chip Six was an angel? Chip BALTAR was a fucking angel? ANGELS? What is this, the Hallmark channel? So God just loved to invent civilizations and watch them destroy themselves the same way over and over again? And THAT’S the whole secret to this show? God (who doesn’t like that name) is a dick who likes reruns. Maybe I’ll come around to this idea but right now, I think it’s lame. And kind of unoriginal for a show that’s been so inventive in the past.

But hey, Chief is off to Ireland to become my ancestor so I guess that things aren’t all bad.

And in other news, Dollhouse really DID get amazing in episode 6! I am SOLD, Joss. It was absolutely wonderful to hear his dialog again. And bravo to Patton for delivering a nuanced and heartbreaking performance with said dialog. Thank you, Dollhouse, for being there to help me forget about BSG. ANGELS?!


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