Of BSG Mindfracking

I know I’m late in posting this but I think I’ve needed this much time to process the positively SHAKESPEAREAN plot twists we were served last Friday.

Dude! Boomer is EVIL?! Like full-on Soap Opera style manipulative and cruel. Cavil trained her well. And likely let her escape because that was the idea all along! To worm her way back onto Galactica and trade Ellen for Hera. She might still actually love Chief but her loyalty is and always was to Cavil. Jesus. That means Athena is the only truly good Eight left. And how that poor girl was made to suffer.

Also severely suffering is our Chief who SO didn’t need anymore tragedy in his life. Of course, not only did he help evil Boomer escape, thinking all the while that he was saving the life of the woman he loved, but she did so with the future of the human AND cylon race. He joins the ranks of inadvertent traitors who just thought they were doing the right thing. Fortunately for him, Roslin is unconscious because we know how much she loves to airlock traitors and she’s had a bug up her butt about Chief ever since she found out about his toasterism.

As for Starbuck, well, we don’t know much more about her for sure. But we do know that her husband was Bob Dylan and her dad, a famous concert pianist, played that song too. The working theory on the internet is that her dad was a Seven. These developments seem to support that theory. That would mean her ghost daddy knocked up and left her human mother to raise a half cylon child. Shortly after that, Cavil killed all the Sevens? Maybe he didn’t even leave her on purpose. Starbuck and Hera are cousins? Half-cylon heritage would explain why Starbuck is so hot, dramatic and into kicking ass. Also, her ghost daddy bore more than a passing resemblance to Leoben. So even if he’s NOT Daniel, it means there was some sort of Electra Complex thing happening with her on New Caprica.

So Boomer took off with Hera and left a big hole in Galactica, which was already falling apart. She’s obviously on her way back to Cavil who I assume will use Hera as a bargaining chip to force the final five to rebuild the resurrection ship. Once that’s built, he plans to kill everyone. I doubt he’ll succeed. That would be a pretty bleak ending. But I also doubt there will be a particularly happy one. There can’t be at this point. A lot of people are going to die before this is over. A LOT of people. Something’s rotten in Denmark and it didn’t end so well for those guys either.

Have other theories about how this will end? Please discuss in the comments!


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