Poor Rebecca Romijn

Believe it or not, this woman is a model. Models are usually good at “modeling through it”. That is to say that even if they’ve been puking their guts out five minutes prior, they can still look amazing on camera. Rebecca Romijn is beautiful and I’ve always liked her. But you can tell by her eyes that she’s made some mistakes. That look that she is giving the camera says “I still can’t believe I actually married that jerkface, Jerry O’Connell. He was just a REBOUND from Stamos, and I let him put TWO damn future douchebabies in my belly. I have regrets, people. Regrets”.


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  1. My coworkers, who are particularly fond of the term “dbag,” have taken readily to the new “dbaby” option, to which this post has opened our eyes. Thank you.

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