NFT Radar: The People’s Pub

There are lots of reasons to go to the German-themed People’s Pub. There’s the tap beer selection, which is a who’s who of Deutsch brews, but also tosses in some other Euro favorites (like Strongbow cider) for good measure. There are the board games and the high probability of scoring a table on any given night. Happy hour lasts till 7 so you don’t have to leave work early to partake. There’s a late night happy hour too. But personally, I’d go there for the food. The fried pickles are a popular item (I find them a little overwhelming and I’m so over aoli as a concept) as is anything ending in “schnitzel” or “wurst.” I’d recommend the fried tomato sandwich and the bread pudding. But whatever you decide to order, don’t forget to throw in some spatzle. Spatzle is the German’s greatest contribution to side-dishes. This incredible cross between noodles and dumplings can be enjoyed smothered in butter or blanketed with cheese. And it’s also fun to say. It’s pronounced “shpetz-luh.” See? Fun! It’s true the service can be spotty but the pluses definitely outweigh the minuses. Say it with me now. “Shpetz-luh!”

5429 Ballard Ave NW 98107

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Prop 8 Your Days are Numbered

Our victory on Tuesday was soured by the passing of Proposition 8 in California which stripped gay couples of their hard won and long overdue right to have their marriages legally recognized by the government. It is not only unconstitutional that this was allowed to happen, but it is completely barbaric and we need to do everything we can to show religious zealots that they can believe what they want but they simply cannot impose their dogma on others.

Please join me and (hopefully) thousands of other Seattleites on Saturday in Volunteer park for a rally and march protesting Prop 8. This is part of a national movement and people all across the country will be protesting on the same day. Hell, even the Governator sees how wrong this is.

Last Tuesday proved that change for the better is possible and that the old ways just won’t stand. Let’s bring this country all the way into the 21st century!

For loading your arsenal with good arguments against anyone who opposes civil rights, watch this amazing editorial by Keith Olbermann.

I’ll bring donuts.