Putting off the SXSW Recap

I am so busy at work and in general that the prospect of writing this recap is very daunting. But I had a blast and I want to share stories with my people, whoever those people may be. So I WILL definitely write one. I think that this time, instead of posting in chunks, I will compose the entire thing elsewhere and post at once with pictures. I'm hoping to complete this by the end of the week. In the meantime, here's an overview:

You STILL don't need a badge or wristband to have a good time at SXSW. Though I'm sure it helps because you get to be lazy and just saunter up to things without waiting in line. Brugos and I are both hoping to have employer-sponsored badges for next year. Without any credentials, we managed to drink gallons of free booze, see many amazing bands we've never heard of and a few awesome shows by people we HAD heard of, and see 2 mediocre zombie comedies that made me jealous of people with Hollywood connections. We also stalked Eugene Mirman, ate nary a green vegetable and went on a drunken march through the crowded streets whilst hauling pillows. SXSW is incredibly fun and I still want to go every single year till the end of time.