Weekend Recap

It's difficult to say no to $8 bottles of wine at Noc Noc, but I really need to learn to do so. I met Roxy and Carly there at 5:15 and we tucked into the wine and $2 ($2!) plate o tots. Dude. Everything there is so cheap that overdoing it comes easy. I had my nihilist costume and stuffed ferret in a bag in preparation for Lebowski Fest. We were later joined by the rest of the gang. Around 9:00, The Brunswicks and I got into our costumes and we re-convened at the Showbox.

They had a huge table full of Lebowski merch but not a lot of people were dressed up. About 100 people (naturally) said “nice marmot” to me as I passed. This got old quickly, as did the fact that several people just decided to STROKE my ferret from BEHIND ME without my permission. I eventually hid my ferret from view. The Bruswicks were like celebrities, getting their picture taken. They both had very good costumes. Roxy was Maude in the green bathrobe and Rocko was the landlord from the landlord's play. In concept, Lebowski fest was very cool. In execution, it was crowded, annoying, and poorly made drinks were $10 each. Insanity. Most of us tired of the scene quickly and decided to leave to go play poker. Roxy, Carly and Scott stayed behind to watch The (real) Dude (incomprehensibly, apparently) introduce the movie at 11.

We made the long, drunken walk to the car and Arsenio made friends (what's up, ladies?) and enemies (heckling a bum from the open car window) along the way. Somehow, we made it to the Brunswick’s and set about playing some poker. Since much MUCH alcohol had been consumed by this time, motor skills were difficult for everyone, but somehow I managed to win an extra dollar.

When I decided to go home, Roxy called me a cab. This time, I was EXTREMELY clear about my destination address so there were no mishaps there, but the guy was listening to VERY dirty R&B the whole time. Had I been with someone else, I probably would have found it funny, but since I was on my own, I found it a little creepy. I mean, this stuff was dirrrty. The singer was basically giving a doin' it play-by-play.

I ventured to Capitol Hill to get my hair trimmed at Zero Zero. This is the last time I will pay anyone to cut my bangs. I don't know why people seem to have such a difficult time with them. I only want a blunt, straight line. That's it. No layers, no curving up, no funny stuff. The rest of my hair is fine, but she first cut my bangs crooked (which probably happened because she was so busy “texturizing” them, and then, noticing her mistake, “fixed” them, giving me a sort of widows peak curve to the whole thing. I've since made them straighter on my own, but there's nothing I can do about the “texture” until they've grown out a bit.

After my butchering, I went to Value Village to try and find a red bathrobe for Brugos and then headed home for a rest before Emily's Cartoon Character-themed birthday party.

Brugos has been in Vegas on business and he wasn't sure he was going to be able to make it back in time for the party, but he managed to fly out earlier on stand-by, so he got home around 9:30, and we set about turning him into Mum-Ra. We didn't use the stupid grandma sweater I bought at Value Village. It just didn't look right. So we made do with a red flannel sheet. The TP idea I had for mummification didn't seem to be turning out quite right and he ended up shedding toilet paper all night, but it was close enough for government work.

My Wilykit costume (also from Thundercats) turned out pretty well, apart from being slightly revealing on both the bottom and the top. There were quite a few Thundercats characters represented including Emily's Cheetara and a girl dressed as Lion-O. There was also Yakko and Dot from Animaniacs, and several Futurama characters including a Lela and Zaff Brannigan couple, a Zoidberg and a Robot Devil. Christy and Emily exhibited their mad dancing skills to 80's classics and I made drinks in the dark, resulting in my extreme drunkenness. I took loads of awesome pictures but, sadly, my extreme drunkenness eventually led to the untimely death of my camera, absently drowned in a cup of beer. The good news is that my memory card is fine. But my camera is dead. Someday I will get a new camera and then I will be able to upload all my awesome pictures.

I spent much of the day doing laundry and also felt compelled to clean the bathroom. Then Brugos and I met his co-worker at the Cinerama to see 300. The movie was AWESOME.

After the movie, we had a late dinner and drinks at the Spitfire ($3 for beans, rice and tortillas!) and then took the Theatre of Life bus home. Tonight's episode featured a nerdy gamer in an army jacket carrying a bag full of Mountain Dew. He opened his new game with a screwdriver on the bus (because he couldn't wait till he got home) and read the insert whilst hanging an unlit, half-smoked cigarette out of his mouth. He called his friend to tell him the “good news” about the fact that another game hadn't yet been registered so they could still play online. Meanwhile, a teenage girl with a very loud bus talked about her life on the street in the back of the bus. I didn't get a good look at her but Brugos said she was fat and white. Apparently, she was a member of some gang called The Bugaboos, who frequently fought with other gangs including one called The Rockers (seriously? Are we in West Side Story here?) and that so-and-so shouldn't have “come at [her] like that” and was “lucky she didn't get stabbed”. She also talked about how she was gonna get a job at Pizza Hut. I can't wait for the next episode.

So, tomorrow I'm off to lovely Austin, TX for Hipsterfest '07. 5 days of beer, tacos and indie music. I can't wait!

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