Meme Break

Another wonderful meme from MarkTapioKines!

1. What movie most represents everything you dislike about Hollywood?
Forest Gump. I only recently came to understand that it’s a re-imagining of Being There, as done by people who didn’t get that movie at all. But before I realized that, I despised this movie. I hated its insulting tone that both simplifies and romanticizes the life of a mentally challenged person. I hated the hype surrounding the special effects technology of splicing newsreel footage with new footage to make the film erroneously more important. I hate that actors ALWAYS win awards for playing retarded characters. The characters who aren’t Tom Hanks aren’t likeable people. I hate the clichéd “humor”. I hate that the dialogue was written by Hallmark and basically the whole damned thing was constructed to pander to the fucking Academy. And I hate that it worked.

2. What's the last city you visited for the very first time?
Sequim, WA.

3. Name a trait, physical or non-physical, that you inherited from your mother:
Physical: Skin as white as the snows of Hoth, chub.
Non-Physical: Packratedness. I’d like to think I have a better handle on it than she does though.

4. Name a trait, physical or non-physical, that you inherited from your father:
Physical: Fine, light hair, babyface.
Non-Physical: Sense of humor, OCD.

5. Name something that you love doing, even though you're not good at it:

6. Name something that you hate doing, even though you're good at it:
My current day job.

7. What's the lower form of life: a journalist or a standup comic?
I really like stand-up comedy. There is, obviously, a lot of bad comics out there, but I can’t possibly say that Patton Oswalt is, in any way, a low form of life so I will go with journalist.

8. How do you feel about Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut?
Ridiculous and tedious.

9. Name an item that you keep a large – maybe even unusually large – supply of in your house:
Proactive Solution. I’m in The Club and they keep sending me more bottles before I’ve finished the ones I have. Every once in a while, I tell them to stop altogether and then deplete my supply. And then it starts all over again.

10. How frequently do you have to fill up your car?

11. What's your favorite Spielberg movie?

12. What's your favorite Hitchcock movie?
I don’t feel qualified to answer this because I have seen precious few Hitchcock films. (Pathetic, I know). However, I have Strangers on a Train from the library and I will watch it in the next couple of days.

13. What's your favorite REM single?
I’m not a fan of REM at all. That said, I don’t particularly mind “Fall On Me”…And I'm actually not even sure if that's what the song is called!

14. Did you go to a public high school?

15. Have you ever successfully played matchmaker for anybody? (Success need not be measured in the long term.)
I don’t think I can count Faye and Borgia since they purposefully didn’t get together when Elyse and I were trying to get them together. They waited until we had all given up hope. So I suppose not.

16. The average American eats 200 pounds of meat per year. How many pounds of meat – including fish – do you reckon you eat per year?
Less than 1. I can’t say 0 for certain because I reckon that some meat sneaks in there occasionally.

17. If you brought home 50 million after-tax dollars from a lottery win, name three somewhat frivolous things you would spend some of that money on (i.e. not paying off debts or giving money to your friends, family or charities).
-A pinball machine.
-A juke box that plays 45’s (and some 45’s).
-A mini-golf course in my backyard (of the house that I suppose I would first need to buy).

18. If you could remake one movie, which one would you choose?
Since I’m against re-makes on the whole, this is difficult, but going along with Mark’s answer of re-doing a film that shouldn’t have been so disappointing, I’m going to go with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

19. If you had to live either without a television (meaning you also couldn't watch DVDs – no, not even on your computer) or without the Internet, which would you go without?
I suppose television, since if I chose the internet, I would immediately be cut off from so many people and so much information. I would miss my Whedonverse horribly, however.

20. Finally, what's the nicest thing you've ever done for a friend?
I’m not really sure. I guess you’d have to ask them. I try to do nice things for friends whenever possible and help anyone who is in need, but I always assumed that was really what true friendship was all about.

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